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Good morning!  (GMT) Welcome to the Taxation News international website!

It is currently 04:46:02 on 07 March 2021 (07/03/2021) UK GMT time, where our head office is based. International Taxation News is however what the "Taxation News" website is all about. Tax and updates from around the globe.  Worldwide tax news is our objective in one central location. Easy to find the latest tax news and tax updates from lots of countries around the world.

News is added by the editorial team and by members of the Association of Tax Advisors. The Association of Tax Advisors is "organisation of tax advisors with related trading interests and goals and one formed for mutual aid or development of its members".

Up to date tax news and information about taxation is important to members and their clients. The "Taxation News" site is a site dedicated to taxation news from around the world.

About Taxation News

Taxation News is divided into regional sections. We are starting with the USA, Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Ireland (Republic of Ireland) and Australia. Other countries around the world will be added regularly. The live links indicate which regions so far have live news and we are busy adding more.

There are some non English based tax news sections such as our Germany section, and we are adding more regularly. 

If you use the search facility in the right hand column and typed "canada" (without the quotes "" you will get all the news about Canada, or you can visit the Canada pages for example for tax news summaries and links to more information.

Where countries are divided into regions or states with regional tax legislation we are also be adding sub regions to our site based on demand and availablity of news updates.

The majority of our site is free to access. 


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The aims of Taxation News is to collate tax news and tax updates from countries around the world and make the tax news available to our readers. 

We encourage tax organisations to release their news by RSS in order to make news updates easier to distribute.

As taxation is a complex area of law that affects citizens' in most coutries around the world and on an international level affect's multinational companies and organisations. Our aim  is to work with companies, individuals and organisations to improve the distribution and flow of taxation news.

Websites within our network supply support services from tax news and information, tax recruitment, tax events marketing, personal development and training for tax advisors, tax lobbying groups, and the promotion and marketing of tax advisors who are members of the international "Association of Tax Advisors".

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Published by Tax Publications Limited | Taxation News

The Association of Tax Advisors is an association working for the benefit of it's members and Taxation News is one of the resources available to members. A central tax news location. Members of the Association and other interested parties can submit news and commentry on the taxation news for publication.

Other sites in our network include Taxation Journal, Jobs in Taxation and our Association website on Association of Tax Advisors with a separate members site. An international tax directory of tax advisors is also coming soon.

Promoting yourself as a tax advisor online and your firm online through online tax articles, tax news commentary and featuring on tax related directories and sites is important for a host of reasons. We make it our business to know this area of online promotion so we can help members in the Association to promote themselves and their knowledge online.

Our tax articles based site is on Taxation Journal. The journal is a dynamic way to promote your skills and knowledge not just to other professionals but to the world. Investing time to write interesting tax articles is also a good way to gain "structured" continuing profession development or education (CPD or CPE) points required by a host of Professional membership organisations around the world. It is also a good way of gaining new skills and updating existing ones. 

And staying up to date with the latest Taxation News is easy through our tax news site. Tax is an ever changing and complex subject and tax news and information is a useful and important resource.

Why not become a section editor or contributor to the news site?

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Taxation News is published by Tax Publications Limited.

The aim of Taxation News and it's editorial team is to collate tax news and updates from around the world.

This makes it easier for members of the Association of Tax Advisors to get up to date news and information about tax and also for other people interested in tax news to find tax news, information and updates.

Taxation News is part of a growing network of websites aimed at supplying useful tax related information on the worldwide web.